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SOUL - un sistema integrato per l'inserimento lavorativo post universitario


CASPUR teamed up with two roman Universities, Sapienza and Roma Tre, later joined
by Tor Vergata and Foro Italico, to implement an integrated job placement system. Basing
on expertises accumulated in past experiments, SOUL merges conventional approaches,
like job placement offices, with a Web portal that realizes a virtual job
market-place. The system is designed from the outset to be extensible, as demonstrated
by the additional module to manage students’ internships. As 15% of Italian graduates
come from the Universities involved in the project, this is a unique opportunity for experimentation
and development of best practices to apply more spreadly. SOUL is also
a platform for advanced technological experimentation, like automated scoring of curricula
with respect to job offerings, based on neural networks techniques.

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