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L'evoluzione dell'offerta formativa del CASPUR per il calcolo scientifico e tecnico ad alte prestazioni


Since 2005, CASPUR has been revamping its activity in the field of High Performance
Computing (HPC) education. In the beginning, the first edition of a yearly Summer
School on advanced topics of HPC was organized, during two weeks in the late summer,
with the goal to explore subjects like code optimization and code parallelization as well
as to have scientific lectures held by well-known experts in the field. The success of
the Summer School suggested to us to make an additional effort in education. In 2007
four courses on different HPC topics were proposed. Now, having considered the success
of the previous years, 11 different courses and a total of more than 15 are planned for
2009. About 300 students are expected to follow the 2009 CASPUR HPC education program.
For the future, we are working to make CASPUR a valuable centre for high education
on ICT, not only for the typical HPC community but also for all research, services
and business communities, currently less familiar with HPC. To reach this goal we intend
to develop new courses focused on: more technical-scientific integration; security, networking
and other general topics more appealing for the non-scientific users; communities
having no straight interest in HPC techniques but that could benefit from them.
In addition, we intend to test and implement effective e-learning platforms to extend
the number of possible learners.

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