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DOiT: uno strumento "user-friendly" per l'analisi di dati geodetici


The Data Optimization integrated Tool (DOiT) is part of a collaboration between CASPUR
and the Italian national institute of geophysics and volcanology INGV. DOiT is a tool that
mix together web technologies, systems and High Performance Computing (HPC) for
the analysis of geophysical problems. One of the main feature of DOiT is the user interface
that with the use of new web tools makes it very similar to a desktop application
with the advantage of the high portability and the ease of access.
The main goal of this project is to make HPC systems usable in a very easy way in
geophysical research, where the computational complexity and the high size of the
problems make its use a must.

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web technologies, HPC, user inteface, geophysical research

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